Week 10 CM Training Recap

Happy Wednesday! We’re half-way through the week and HALFWAY THROUGH MARATHON TRAINING!!!!!!!!! I’m excited and scared all at the same time.  October 12th can’t get here fast enough.  So far, my training has been going okay.  I’m trying my hardest to get my longer runs done with a local running group.  On days when I have Saturday plans and can’t make the build up runs, I do my long runs on Fridays after work, which can be very challenging.  But I’m powering through, foam rolling through the pain all with a smile on my face :-) Here’s a little Recap of Week 10 Chicago marathon training:
Monday-Madelyn had surgery. She had her adenoids removed. Runny nose gone. I took off of work for two days which really wasn’t needed because my child is the most resilient little girl I’ve ever met. mannie
Headed to the gym(!!) where I did a little rowing action, weights, core work and finished up with a little workout on the spin bike.
Tuesday-Ran 4.15 miles @9:11 pace
Wednesday-Run 7 miles @9:31 pace. The weather was hot & sticky. But I stumbled across a new hiding place-somewhere I can go to think about things or just “be”. It was beautiful and so peaceful. I’m thinking of taking up trail running after the marathon is over.
mysanctuaryThursday-Run 4 miles @9:14 pace. Legs were tired and heavy. I struggled to keep up with my co-worker, Jen. She pushed me hard the last 1/2 mile.
Friday-Rest Day/Stretch. Didn’t stretch nearly enough. Instead, ate pizza, drank wine, and found comfort in my mother’s word’s of wisdom :-)
Saturday-My goal was 14-16. I Ran 12 @ 9:46 pace. It was tough. All I wanted to do was sleep (I ran on 4 hours of sleep), but I forced myself to get out there knowing it would make me feel a little better. I never regret a run no matter how good or bad it is. It was sunny, hot, and I forgot my GU. I’m lucky I made it 12 miles. Later that day my child locked me out of the house…icing on the cake.
Sunday-Rest day. We celebrated Madelyn’s birthday. I cannot believe that she’s two. It seems like it was only yesterday that she was making her debut into this crazy world.

Are you training for anything? If so, how’s your training going? Any other Chicago Marathoners out there?

2013 In Review

2013 was a BIG year over here.  Lots of fun & exciting things happened this year and it will be a tough one to beat.  But I have high hopes for 2014 :-)

Here are some of the highlights for 2013.

-Bought a house

-Surprised my mom with a special military homecoming 

-Got a green thumb & started growing stuff

-signed up for my First Marathon & decided to fundraise with Team Salute

-Survived my first deployment away from Madelyn & explored Hawaii and Guam 


-Drank our way through Michigan Wine Country…we’re due back soon!


-Celebrated 1 year with our little love bug

-Ran my 4th half marathon and earned a PR


-Completed my dream of running the Chicago Marathon.  I’m still in awe of this race.


Like I said, 2013 was a big year but I’m looking forward to all that 2014 has to bring :-)

What was the most exciting thing you did or accomplished this year?  

I’d have to say that the Chicago marathon takes the cake.  This race will always hold a special place in my heart.

Turkey Chili

As I sit here and write this blog post, I’m waiting for two dozen cookies to cool off so that I can throw them away.  cookiefailHashtag cookiefail.  I will be the first to admit, a baker I am not.  If you look at the top of the page and scroll over “Recipes”, you will see very little under the desserts section.  Cookie baking has never been my thing.  Cookie eating on the other hand?  Well, that’s a different story.  It’s probably a blessing that I’m not great at baking cookies.  On Monday, I tried out a new cookie recipe and they turned out fabulously!  And on the first try too!  The only problem with them was, they were a little crumbly.  So this time around I added more butter and, well?  Not so good.  For the next batch I added a little less butter and a tad bit more C4C flour and they’re looking much better.

As much as I enjoy being in the kitchen,  cooking is more of my thing.  The star entree of the week has been the turkey chili that hubs requested for Monday.  It was a definitely a chili kind of day…14 degrees?  That calls for chili.  I was browsing recipes online and either we didn’t have the right kind of peppers or it didn’t sound good to me.  So I decided to “wing it” and see what happens.  Verdict? So good, the recipe is worth sharing :-)  I was successful at something this week!

Turkey Chili

  • 3lbs ground turkey meat
  • 1 Tbsp Italian Seasoning
  • 2 Tbsp Chili seasoning
  • 2 Tbsp Cumin
  • 2 heads of garlic, peeled and finely chopped
  • 1 medium red onion chopped
  • 1 red bell pepper chopped
  • 1 green bell pepper chopped
  • 2 cups of chicken broth
  • 3 15oz. cans tomato sauce
  • 2 15oz cans kidney beans
  • 2 15 oz cans pinto beans

Place ground turkey in a stock pot and brown the turkey.  Season it with italian seasoning and chili powder.  Add in the garlic, onion, and peppers.  Stir until soften.  Add the rest of the ingredients.  Bring to a boil and then place on simmer for about 45 minutes.  You can choose to garnish it with cheese and sour cream if you wish.  We tried a little bit of gorgonzola and it was amazing!


I’m off to finish the rest of my cookie baking!  Wish me luck, I’ll be needing it ;-)

Special shout out!  I’d like to thank the peeps over at For Two Fitness for making me a brand ambassador.  I am honored :-) I am a HUGE advocate for exercise, especially when growing a little bambino (IF okayed by your doctor of course!).  I sported their super cute and comfy exercise tops while I was pregnant with Madelyn and will be proud to put back on my “Sweating for Two” when the time is right ;-) Head over to their website and purchase something for that pregnant person you know in your life or for yourself!



15-Month Update

Today, our little princess turns 15 months!  How is this even possible?  Image

What’s she been up to?  RUNNING!  Everywhere she possibly can.  She has important places to be :-)

-Talking & learning animal noises.  Her vocabulary has grown immensely in the last 3 months and she tries to repeat everything we say, so we are extra mindful of our words and how we talk around her.  “Dada!” is still the winner.  We’ve heard “mama” a few times but it’s usually while she’s eating, so I’m thinking she’s saying “nom nom” or “mmm”.  Either way, we’re getting close!

-Dancing. When I say “dance” or “Baila” she starts to move her little feet and dance.  It’s the cutest thing ever.  The other night I put some music on while I was cooking and we had a dance party in the kitchen.

-Teething.  Those back teeth are misery. End of story.

A lot of people have been asking me when baby number 2 is making his/her way to the Campbell family :-) I just laugh!  Depending on what kind of day/week we’ve had I say, “NEVER!”  But my usually response is, “We’ll see!”.  Because honestly, we don’t know.  We have a lot of weddings and possible deployments coming up next year, that being pregnant isn’t feasible and our life is starting to feel somewhat easy again so to start again from scratch makes me a little nervous :-/  Although, when I see a pregnant woman out in public, I get a small bit of baby fever-I really enjoyed the pregnancy part!

I realized that I never posted any pictures from Madelyn’s first birthday!  So on this rainy day here in Milwaukee, I leave you with some sunny, Pink Lemonade Birthday pictures & DIY links!!

ImageDIY Scrapbook paper Birthday Banner *Here*


The 1 year old sign was probably my favorite DIY project.  First, I created a few rough drafts on scrap paper to see how I wanted it laid out.  Then, I bought black poster board and did everything by hand first with a pencil.  If you look closely, you can see where I made some mistakes, but I feel like it gives it character and makes it look more like a chalkboard.  After I was done writing everything in pencil, I went over it with acrylic paint, a very thin paint brush and a paint pen.  All of which I found at Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I found some stickers and used those for an added effect.  You can see the bubbles I used near the bath time is my favorite statement and the paws next to Oliver.  After everything was dry, I glued the black poster board onto a white cardboard background to give it more sturdiness.

ImageThe dessert bar!  Yellow cake pops with Chocolate frosting, lemon ricotta cookies and pink lemonade cupcakesImageSmash cake was just yellow cake!  I did a test run (thankfully!) and Madelyn was not a fan of the pink lemonade flavor.




The pink lemonade stand was super easy to construct.  I bought the crate and the boards from Jo-Ann Fabrics.  Larry painted it all pink and then glued the boards into the crate.


ImageA toy box that my sister made for Madelyn!

Happy 15 months to our little girl who puts a smile on our face every day!



I want to preface this post by stating, that I do not have celiac disease nor do I avoid gluten as a weight-loss technique.  I am aware of the seriousness of people having to be gluten-free.  I  simply try to eliminate it (along with dairy) from my diet as best as possible because my body is much happier :-)  Sometimes I’m successful, and other times I’m caught at a moment of weakness.
A few weeks ago, I received a Facebook invite to check out Pairdd.  Pairdd is a home delivery service that will deliver fresh, gluten-free ingredients to your door for you to prepare a meal.  You simply go onto their website, pick a recipe from a gluten-free blogger that sounds tasty to you, order and expect delivery in about a week.  Unfortunately, it’s only available to people currently living in Wisconsin.
Last week, I decided to try it out and chose a recipe from my friend, Sarah, at Celiac in the City.  With the weather making a nice transition from tank tops & shorts to skinny jeans and boots, I thought it was the perfect time to make my first batch of chili for the year.  What really sold me about this recipe wasn’t the chili but it was the parmesan biscuits that served as a side.  I’ve never made gluten-free biscuits so I was really excited about these.
My Pairdd box was sitting in the driveway when I arrived home on Tuesday and I couldn’t wait to get cooking!
Everything came packed on ice and included all of the ingredients needed to make Italian chili and parmesan biscuits except milk, salt and pepper.  When you order your meal online, the website does inform you of the ingredients you’ll need to have already available in your kitchen.
I love that everything was already measured out and chopped up.  And most importantly, I didn’t have to peel garlic!!!!  A HUGE plus for me because of all the things to peel, I find garlic to be the WORST!  I did have to chop up some onion and green pepper, but that I didn’t mind so much.
Along with the package comes the list ingredients and the recipe to make the meal.  So now I have a yummy new recipe to add to my collection.
chili recipe
The directions were super easy to follow and I liked that the box included a picture of the completed meal so that I knew what to expect.  The Italian chili was some of the best chili I’ve ever had!  Normally, I either make sweet potato and black bean chili or Italian Chili with pasta but this was perfect because it contained meat but didn’t have the heaviness that the pasta adds to chili.  It made enough to feed two very hungry adults and a baby x 3 meals.  Madelyn loved it as well :-)  The biscuits were AMAZING and we ended up making 9 decent sized biscuits.
The whole meal cost us $15 because we used a coupon code from Sarah.  Normally, the price would’ve been $30 which I still didn’t think was bad for all the ingredients plus delivery.
We will definitely be ordering from Pairdd again!  And thanks to Sarah for preparing an AWESOME meal for us!
What’s your favorite thing to get delivered? I’m really loving groceries via Peapod, especially on drill weekends!